Lary high quality factory price stainless steel bellow compensator
Lary high quality factory price stainless steel bellow compensator



Product Information


Themetal compensator is composed of a corrugated pipe and two flanges. The axial displacement (also few crosswise, angularorientation displacement) is absorbed by the flexible transformation of thecorrugated pipe, the end receiver may directly be connected with the pipelinevia welding, or be connected with the pipeline flange with flange welded.The small tension bar on the compensator is to serveas the rigid bracing as well as the product pre-distortion adjustment, it isnot the part to support the strength. The stainlesssteel ripple compensator produced in our company is made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel material, with advanced processing technology, it iscommonly used in the power equipments, like the entrance and exit of (lowpressure, negative pressure) pump, functioningto absorb the shock, eliminate the noise and to extend the service life of theequipments and pipeline system.

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Very careful production control   

We will control Max. the details before/during/after production


Testing including:

1,Chemical analysis for material

2,Mechnaical property testing for material

3,NDT will be carried out on all products

4,Pressure testing

5,Painting testing

6,Dimension and appearance quality inspection

7,Package inspection